Is Ruby on rails dead yet?

I have to confess, I have never been a Ruby developer. Then again my role is no longer that of a developer. I do however get involved in a lot of development projects.

Recently I’ve come across a couple of projects where Ruby on Rails is or might be the technology of choice. Whenever this happens my gut tells me that this might not be the best technology choice 2019. So why do I feel that way?

If you look at Google Trends and compare “Ruby on Rails” with “Laravel” which I consider to be a fair comparison since they’re both basically the same thing:
– An MVC framework for an existing programming language
Yes I realize that they’re a lot of more things than that, but that’s the shortest summary I could think of.

As you can see here, from December 2013 going forward Laravel is growing a lot in popularity whereas Rails has a slow but steady decline.

I would have liked to include .net MVC in this comparison but I couldn’t figure out a search term that would make a fair comparison. The main MVC frameworks on .net are built in and don’t have names that you search for and you can’t just search for .net or C# as that would display searches that has nothing to do with MVC frameworks.

But to do include MS in the mix I made this comparison

I only put Laravel in there for reference. But from this trend you could argue that using a .net programming language is roughly as popular as PHP and therefor MVC on .net is probably around the same as Laravel.

I also looked at Stackoverflow to see what they consider the most popular technologies:

So after these searches and a few hours of contemplation I had to make a decision regarding my recommendations to my customers. And I confess I have not looked at the technical aspects of these frameworks only tried to assess whether or not it’s a good choice going forward.

And the bottom line is that I will probably try to steer my customers away from Ruby on Rails in the future. It might be a great piece of technology but people are slowly but steadily leaving it and there are other technologies that do about the same thing that it will be a lot easier finding developers that want and can develop on it.

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