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Dedicated agile development teams

We offer independent agile software development teams. Our bright developers in the Philippines are experts in software development, quality assurance and agile software development. We have your development team available today.

This is how we succeed:

100% customer satisfaction.

We have awesome development teams and proven agile processes to help you get started and we teach you how to become successful with off-shore development teams. We’re so confident that our products is great that we offer a 3 month full money back guarantee if you’re not pleased with us. No pressure. You can change your mind. So far no one has.

Your development team is ready within 2 weeks.

We have the staff available. As we’re constantly aiming to have more people hired than we have client needs, our teams are always available when you need them. From the date you sign the contract the team will be up and running for you within a couple of weeks.

You don’t need any special skills – the process is included.

We understand that you want to do other things than micro manage your development team. That’s why we are the experts on the processes needed to succeed. We will guide you, coach you, tutor you and hold your hand to make sure that you become successful in using our processes in your organization.

Our blog:

The AI Revolution in the SME Arena

Introduction: The rapidly growing AI market is not just a domain for the big players; it’s an open field for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as well. This post is all about how SMEs can navigate and harness the power of AI for their unique needs. 1. The AI...

Artificial Intelligence in Daily Life: More Than Just Science Fiction

The New Reality of Everyday AI Once relegated to the realm of sci-fi novels and movies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has slipped into our daily lives with the subtlety of night turning into day. It's no longer the future—it's the now, and it's changing everything from...

Will AI be the second coming of Christ?

As most of the worlds leading AI researchers agree that humanity will create super intelligent AI within the next 50 years, how will we cope with this? For all intents and purposes a super intelligent sentient AI would appear to be god like, who is to say it isn’t...

Will AI change software development?

It seems like new AI tools are emerging daily and they’re becoming so good that they can already replace a lot of the mundane tasks in many different fields.  Does this mean that some jobs will disappear and that it will leave people unemployed? Most likely not,...

Knowledge does not disappear offshore

Are you worried about losing control of the knowledge of the software if the development is outsourced to an external team? Congratulations! You can relax and let these thoughts bounce. Here we tell you why. First of all - you are not alone. Many people are hesitant...

Time to scrap the projects

Already in the 00s, we agreed that the agile methods are exactly what our industry needs. Despite that, many people persist in working in project form with their offshore teams. "The term development project should be banned altogether," says Sven Miller, founder of...

Programmers are in short supply today

We live in the age of digitization. Something that has led to a glaring skills shortage in programmers in particular. The warning lights flash red. And the question is: How will Sweden solve the problem? In 2017, the industry organization IT- and Telekomföretagen made...

Experienced developers in machine learning please!

Quite a lot of people are expressing this need right now. Machine Learning is hot and it clearly means many new opportunities in all possible and impossible industries. Many companies and organizations are currently crying out for competence in this area, and they are...

“With onboarding, we quickly got the pace going”

HR tech company Jobagent needed competent developers to build the platform that is the core of the business. With Miller Development they got everything they needed and then some. Now, Jobagent has its own team of five people in the Philippines...


“We’re exclusively using development teams from Miller Development to cover our development needs at JobAgent. They’re committed, reliable and we couldn’t be happier!”

Fredrik Niemelä, Spotify architect and World Champion in programming

“Since we started applying the Miller Development processes, development just became easy.”

Anders Ådén, product owner Nordman

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